Turning CNC

Robot Loading

Robot automatic loaders boost our productivity

Bar Loading

Bar loaders up to Ø 100 mm makes big volume production very easy

Auto Pick-Up

Vertical Pick-Up turning machines are ideal for high volumes precise parts

Turning CNC

Turning CNC – Horizontal

Ø 720 mm x 2100 mm

We use modern CNC Turning machines equipped with Y-axis, sub-spindle, live tools. Our park includes following machines:

Machine Ø max [mm] L max [mm] Loading Quantity
Challenger BNC-1860 240 1500 1
Hyundai KIA HIT 250 250 500 1
Hyundai KIA HIT460 700 1500 1
Hyundai Kia SKT 300MS 400 500 live tools, sub-spindle 1
Hyundai KIA SKT21LMS 200 500 bar feeder live tools, sub-spindle 2
Hyundai KIA SKT21LMS 200 500 robot live tools, sub-spindle 1
Hyundai KIA SKT250 300 700 bar feeder 1
Hyundai Wia L280L 300 1000 1
Hyundai Wia L280LM 300 1000 live tools 1
Hyundai Wia L300MC 400 700 live tools 1
Hyundai Wia L300MSC 300 500 bar feeder + cobot live tools, sub-spindle 3
Hyundai Wia L400LMC 600 2100 live tools 1
Hyundai Wia L500LMA 700 2100 live tools 1
Hyundai Wia SE2200LSY 200 500 bar feeder + cobot live tools, sub-spindle, Y-axis 3
Hyundai Wia SE2200LSY 200 500 live tools, sub-spindle, Y-axis 1
Hyundai Wia HD3100SY 400 700 bar feeder + cobot live tools, sub-spindle, Y-axis 1
SwedTurn ST200 500 1000 1

Turning CNC – Vertical

Auto Laser Measuring

Our vertical turning park includes Emag pick-up machines.

Brand / type Ø max [mm] notes
Emag VL-3 200 2 pieces, pick-up loaders, robot loading, automatic laser measuring system
Turning CNC

Mastering CNC Turning with Cutting-Edge Automation

At NTT Group, we push the boundaries of CNC turning through a combination of advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship. Our production facilities boast modern CNC turning machines equipped with the latest advancements, ensuring exceptional precision, efficiency, and flexibility.

Automation for Speed and Reliability:

  • We leverage robots and cobots seamlessly integrated with our machines,enabling rapid setup changes and tireless operation. This automation minimizes human error and maximizes production uptime, delivering consistent,high-quality components.
  • Bar loaders automate material handling, eliminating downtime associated with manual loading and unloading, further boosting productivity and efficiency.
  • Live tools add versatility to our turning processes, allowing for complex machining operations in a single setup, reducing lead times and minimizing component handling.

The Human Touch: Skill Meets Technology

Despite our advanced automation, we recognize the invaluable role of our skilled machinists. Their expertise in programming, setup, and tool selection ensures optimal machine performance and maintains the highest quality standards.

By strategically combining cutting-edge CNC technology with human expertise, NTT Group delivers unmatched precision, efficiency, and reliability in CNC turning. This dedication to innovation allows us to meet the diverse needs of our customers, exceeding expectations with every component we produce.