Our Values & Goals


The widest product range on the market, and perform services, within mechanical transmission.


The most requested partner in mechanical transmission.

Core Values

People, transparency and reliability are our core values.

Building Confidence: A Foundation of Reliability

At NTT Group, reliability is the cornerstone of everything we do. We understand that our customers depend on us to deliver the right product, every time. That’s why we invest heavily in advanced production facilities, ensuring consistency and precision. We boast the widest product range in the market, giving you the flexibility to find the perfect solution. And with a large inventory, we guarantee timely delivery with impeccable quality.

But reliability goes beyond hardware. It’s also about fostering trust. Our team members collaborate seamlessly, each taking ownership of your satisfaction. We encourage open communication and mutual respect, creating a secure environment where your needs are always top priority.

Always Open: Bridging the Gap with Availability

We believe in being easily accessible to our customers. That means clear, open communication channels and a team that’s readily available to answer your questions and address your concerns. We leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to find the perfect solution, no matter how unique your challenge. We’re proactive in seeking new solutions, anticipating your needs before they even arise.

Our commitment to availability extends beyond immediate responsiveness. We listen actively and empathetically, fostering genuine relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees alike. We go the extra mile to provide exemplary customer service, ensuring you feel valued and supported at every step of the way.

Uniting Forces: The Power of Collaboration

At NTT Group, we view our customer relationships as true collaborations. We believe in partnering with you to achieve your goals and fulfill your vision. That means being responsive to your changing needs, innovative in finding solutions, and flexible enough to adapt to your unique requirements.

Internally, collaboration is our secret weapon. Our team works together seamlessly, driven by a shared purpose: your success. This ensures efficient communication, streamlined processes, and ultimately, a product or service that perfectly aligns with your expectations.

By embracing reliability, accessibility, and collaboration, NTT Group strives to be more than just a supplier; we aim to be your trusted partner, building lasting relationships on a foundation of mutual respect and shared success.