Milling CNC


Heidenhain control machines are used for demanding applications


We use CAD & CAM software for complicated milling operations

5th Axis

Simultaneous dynamic 5X milling operations in one setup

Milling CNC

Milling CNC – Vertical

2100 x 760 x 630 mm | up to 3000 kg

Our machine park includes advanced small and big size milling machines. We operate using Fanuc and Heindenhain controls.

Machine X/Y/Z Quantity
Dahlih DMV-2000 200/700/650 1
Dahlih MCV-1700 1700/800/750 1
Hyundai Wia F400 800/460/520 3+1X 1
Hyundai Wia F650PLUS 1400/660/635 1
Hyundai Wia KF 5600 1100/560/520 2
Hyundai Wia KF 5600C 1100/560/635 1
Hyundai Wia KF7600L 2100/760/635 3+1X 1
Hyundai Wia XF6300 650/765/500 5X 1


At NTT Group, we understand that precision gear manufacturing demands the best equipment available. That’s why we invest heavily in our machine park, featuring primarily new, top-of-the-line Hyundai WIA CNC milling machines. These state-of-the-art machines boast the latest CNC controls from Heidenhain or Fanuc, recognized leaders in the field. This powerful combination equips us with the following advantages:

  • Unmatched precision: Advanced features and tight tolerances ensure every gear component is machined with exceptional accuracy and repeatability, meeting even the most demanding specifications.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Modern technology translates to faster machining times and improved production processes, ultimately delivering cost-effective solutions for our customers.
  • Maximum control: User-friendly interfaces and intuitive navigation empower our experienced operators to perform precise and intricate machining operations,achieving optimal results consistently.
  • Future-proof technology: Continuous investment in cutting-edge CNC machines ensures we stay at the forefront of the industry, adapting to evolving technologies and exceeding your expectations.

By leveraging this advanced technology, we ensure that every NTT gear is crafted with uncompromising precision, efficiency, and quality. This commitment to investing in the best allows us to deliver reliable, high-performance products that propel your machines to success.

CNC milling machine at NTT Poland
Big part size cnc milling department


When your project demands big size gears or outsized components, look no further than NTT Group’s CNC milling department. We specialize in machining large-scale parts with the same meticulous precision and unwavering quality you expect from any of our products.

Here’s what sets us apart for big-part projects:

  • Massive capacity: Our CNC machines boast an impressive work envelope, accommodating parts taller, wider, and longer than traditional milling allows.Whether it’s a colossal gear for industrial machinery or a sprawling component for a groundbreaking project, we can handle it.
  • Unwavering precision: Despite the scale, our advanced CNC technology and skilled operators ensure unmatched accuracy. Tight tolerances and meticulous attention to detail translate to flawlessly machined parts, even on a grand scale.
  • Seamless workflow: Our experienced team understands the complexities of handling large parts. We have the expertise to manage project logistics, material handling, and machining workflows flawlessly, ensuring efficiency and timely delivery.
  • Quality you can trust: Our commitment to quality doesn’t diminish with size. We rigorously adhere to the same strict quality control measures and international standards for all our projects, big or small.

NTT Group provides high-precision CNC milling for gears and other components. We handle large-scale projects and offer competitive rates.